Open Water Class at Casino Point - 01 February 2003



Open Water Class at Corona Del Mar/Main Beach - 09 March 2003



Paul and Chuck at Corona Del Mar




                          First Surf Entry        Hey Chuck! I thought you      First surf entry complete. 

                           said the water was warm!      Let's gear up!



David and Cameron geared up and ready to GO!


Grandma with her Great-Grandson Cameron on the left and Grandson David on the right


You guys better do your buddy check. Grandma is watching! 



Grandma and Twinkie keeping a good eye on us



Eric and Alicia after her first dive. 



Jerry and I spotted three curious bugs on a dive off San Clemente Island


Congratulations to the May 29th  Open Water class Grads!

L to R: Walter, Kim, George, Alicia, Bryan and Alexis

That's Divemaster Chuck in the back and I'm in the middle



wpe1.jpg (96441 bytes)


to the graduates of the 28 March 04 Open Water class

From left to right: Instructors-Adam and Paul

Grads: Char, Lori, Sara, Corey and Nadia 



wpe10.jpg (14833 bytes)

My wife CHAR in her first dive as a Certified Diver

28 March 2004 on the Great Escape at Bird Rock North



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Corey                Lori                 Char

The "Over the Wall Gang" returning from  

swimming through The Arch at Bird Rock


New Pictures from Cabo San Lucas!

05 August 05

Giant Stride to Home